dinsdag 4 november 2014

Why would you?

I exist. It’s that simple: there is something, that exists. And you’re a part of it. Though we say I, as if our bodies, minds and perhaps even souls are in some way a different “thing” than the world we see around us. Even though there is only one property about “us” that always stays the same, that never changes: existence. Whether you’re a human or a plant, or some stardust in the vast outer space, or a planet or a sun, there is absolutely NOTHING about anything that lasts forever except for the fact that “it” exists.
Since it is the only property we have that stays forever, you could say that it’s the most fundamental thing about, well, you could say… Our existence. We ask ourselves whether the brain controls our emotions or whether our emotions control our brain. Whether the chicken came before the egg, or the other way around, but the real question should be: what does it all have in common? And isn’t it likely that the one thing everything has in common and that also happens to be the only thing we can conceive of that never changes, that that’s at the basis of who we are? There is absolutely no question about this: something that doesn’t have this property, quite literally, doesn’t exist.
Well if I’m existing right here and now, and so are you, and so is everything else around me, then there is something absolutely astonishing going on. Somehow existence (I) have found a way to interact with I (the whole of existence) and is now writing down stuff about “existence” and existence (you) is reading it right now. That’s amazing.
You see a lot of people are looking for some kind of meaning in their life, but it’s just that in order for existence to experience the world as if a separate entity, it has to forget everything. So in order to become you and me, we, as existence, had to forget completely that we’re in fact the whole of existence and therefor it is absolutely natural to search for some kind of meaning in life. But there really is no point you see, the only meaning existence has, is existence. Why would it want anything else? It already has everything: everything that’s possible to exist. Which is LITERALLY everything. So why would you? Why would you want anything else? Well, because you’ve forgotten, off course…

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