vrijdag 24 oktober 2014


I is a very strange word
Yet it gets blurted out on every occasion
We mean to talk about ourselves
Somehow thinking we can be described with
A single word. If that were true
How come no one knows yourself?
It's like the never ending quest for the holy grail
Which can't be found as long as you're looking
For it. The thing is that looking for it, implies
That you believe it is out there somewhere,
That it exists inside of your so-called
Reality. It can't be found inside reality
Because it IS reality, everything in existence
Looking for the whole of existence, inside of
existence, you'll never find it there, the one that
Is looking, is the thing to be found. All of
Existence looks through your eyes, at all of
Existence. Looks closely and then asks
"In all of this, what am I?"
As if there's a word for that.

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