woensdag 23 juli 2014

Hello, God

 Hi, I wanna talk about God for a while, because really, no one does anymore. And that’s actually part of what I wanna talk about in the first place.

We’ve gone so far away from knowing God, that we could even believe it was something outside of us, but that kind of put some of the excitement in didn’t it? I mean: in knowing God, there is only love, there is only peace. But we, we went so far away from, that we could even feel hatred, or misery. But that also, when you come to think of it, puts a lot of the excitement in, doesn’t it? Think of all the crazy stories we have, where love has to conquer evil over and over in order to keep existing (for example every movie in the world).We’ve somehow fallen so low in vibration that we managed to think, to even feel, completely disconnected from nature, from         all          that       is, which is what God means to me: everything in existence.


You see from the all that is perspective, you can learn to understand that in order for all that is to BE all that is, you have to be in it. Your very existence proves that you are part of existence a.k.a. all that is a.k.a. God; otherwise you simply wouldn’t exist at all. I’ve always thought religion (for me it just means “way of life”) should be a personal thing and I know that it inevitably is, but for some reason people have been trying to force it upon each other for thousands of years. Even that is just one other example of the way in which we contribute to God. “All that is” encompasses every single one of us, our beliefs, our ideas; basically everything that we experience.

So I think we should make the most of that, you know, by all making up our own minds about what we WANT God to be, for ourselves. In that way God can truly serve you in the way that is necessary FOR you and that way you can live up to the full potential of your experience, which goes way beyond your imagination, in fact, God entirely encompasses your imagination too. You could see it as an infinite amount of snapshots, which are actually every single moment of your experience and we’re just moving through it from a particular perspective, let’s call it “space-time frame”, for clarity reasons, but you could call it dimension, density or vibration, but the words never fully describe what it actually is anyway. There are likely thousands of different ways through which, each of us, could experience all that is.

Now, the only ones (perspectives) that are really of interest to us, would be the one we’re at now, and the one we’re going to wanna go to next. We’ve talked about the one we have now: we can experience hatred and sadness, aside from love, but that gives us the possibility to come up with action packed stories and then even having a group of people trying their ultimate best to enact these stories so others could watch them on a screen while they’re constantly interpreting what they see in their own unique way and then probably imagine a whole bunch of different stories alongside of that.

The typical things about our reality perspective are obviously space and time, as we move through the both of them to interact with the world around us, which is, off course, also a part of all that is (or else it wouldn’t be  all          that       is). You can see the same thing reflected in our own bodies: each cell in our body is constantly interacting with the rest of the body. But no cell is ever disconnected from the body and in the same way we can never actually be disconnected from God. But we can experience it! And that’s our tribute to all that is, our very existence and the life you are living right now is your very own contribution to God. And it will love and support you in everything you want.
So here we are, at the point where God has supported itself so far that we’re capable of believing we are outside of God, or even: that God is outside of US. And that’s allowed for this whole different range of perspectives, right?  It’s pretty awesome, I know.

  So what?

OK so what’s next? What do you do with this information? You realize two things here: 1) you’re pretty awesome and 2) you can do whatever the hell you want! But you gotta understand a couple of things that are essential to living the life you want to live. You see, you have to grasp exactly how it is that God, or the YOUniverse, supports you. To understand this you can look at what I’ve  been talking about this whole time: most of us place God, outside of ourselves. We either think Jesus is his son, or think he writes books for us to obey to the letter or some even say “I don’t believe in God” and yes, even those of you that say “well, I don’t have an opinion on whether or not there is a God” are actually the most literal example of putting God, outside of yourself.

Now think about this, whatever you think about God, it is real for you, isn’t it? If it isn’t, you could say you’ve pretty much gone the furthest you can possibly get from God and it is now time to turn back. What I’m getting at is that what you believe to be true about your reality, is what makes it so. That is how the youniverse supports you and if you believe there is no God supporting you in every way that is necessary for you then it will most certainly seem so to you.

Now let’s put that idea to the test, ok? Like I said, most of us believe in some way, shape or form that God is outside of ourselves, right? Now, do you have any other experience, any other memory, so to speak, within you than what you experience to be you? No, right? That’s probably one of the most typical things in human consciousness right now, we experience things as if this were our one and only life. It’s why we can experience fear and hatred in the first place. Some ancient Buddhists say that fear of death, is the cause of all fear, so in a way they are completely right, even though you wouldn’t think so on first thought, which kind of emphasizes again how deeply disconnected from everything that’s really happening. If you don’t see why it really is the cause of all fear, look at it this way: fear of death doesn’t cause all fears directly, but it is so that because you feel disconnected, because you feel as if this life is the only one, that you can experience fear for the first time: “what happens when I die?” and thus the experience of all fear and negativity is created.

Anyway, I was just trying to point out some of the synchronicities in our experience to give you a glimpse of how it works. To rephrase: Your unquestionable belief that you’re disconnected is exactly what lets you experience the one true reality in this particular way: with fear on the other side of excitement and love. And as I’ve said it’s given us all new kinds of perspectives and all kinds of new ideas so in that way it’s a great learning experience. But if, as you are reading this, and you understand most of what I’m saying here, you can see clearly that your belief systems are, in a way, creating the way you experience the world around you. Then that means you’re actually ready for the next step!

Because by understanding this, you suddenly start believing that you have a sense of control over your experience (through your beliefs, which is kind of funny), and you see, you have to believe that your beliefs create your reality, in order for you to experience that your beliefs create your reality. So even if you don’t believe it, your beliefs will create the experience of it not being so, thus completing its task of creating your reality so it is still so, but you just won’t see it to be that way.

In practice

And now for the part where this information becomes useful to you. All I’m saying is that whether you believe or even understand me or not (but I’m guessing you wouldn’t have read until here if you weren’t starting to remember something), you just have to start believing the things that you really want for yourself. But the belief has to be as real as what you’re believing right now, so in a way it’s more like a knowing, really. So for example you don’t feel financially secure enough? Start feeling financially secure! We’ve already seen you don’t need to believe the universe will support you in order for it to be that way, because it will show it’s not supporting you, but that is in fact the support, it’s all one big paradox, really. But that’s just because our language is incapable of fully describing it.
But we don’t need to describe it either, just start imagining things you want, anything you like and then allow yourself to have it by fully believing you will have that experience, simple as that! You’ve actually been doing it all along, but you’ve been restricting yourself in the speed that you can do it, by believing you can’t do it for so long. That’s why it will take some time for you to truly see that the things you’re now changing in your beliefs and knowing are reflected in the changes in your experience of reality. So you do have to keep it up for a while (this will be different for everyone, but everyone will get there, at whatever time is best for that person), but if you can really grasp the knowing I’m talking about, if you can know something to be true and seize to have any expectations at the same time, because you also “know” ;-) that you’re gonna need some time to actually start experiencing those things.

So once more, this is really what it’s all about: you need to know that what you want to happen is gonna happen regardless of whether you can actually see it happening (yet) or not. And that is whythe books say God is almighty ;)

To summarize: you’re God. You’re God experiencing yourself in such a way that you’re not God, and that way you can experience the greatest experience of all: the realization that you are and secretly always have been the one and only… God, All That Is.
Which allows you back into the experience of being a “creator of experience”, rather than just an “experiencer of experience”, but this time with the memory and imagination of all the new stories you’ve experienced in the way you still are experiencing right now, but maybe slightly less already. It’s a lot of experience, I know, but in a way that’s what you could say God is: a massive collection of experiences. Within that collection you can find the experience of the experiencer, the creator and even that which gets experienced.

So basically, because you believed you’re not God and in that way experienced so many new things, you can now start being the creator again and make whole new worlds like that. Then after a long journey you probably go back to being the experiencer in a different way and so on and so on. And God is the collection of ALL experiences, ALL that IS and the idea is that it’s all simultaneously, we’re just experiencing there being a time frame. I use that same word over and over just because you can start to see that every one of them is in the collection we call God and that allows you to understand better that the experience of time and space is by far not the only way to “interpret” reality.

Well, I’m glad I could share some of my ideas about God (especially since at this particular time we seem to have so few^^) so I’m thankful to anyone who reads this and I wish it to be of any kind of benefit to your personal experience, good luck out there!

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